You will find here the logistic opportunities All Go Worldwide has to offer.

All Go worldwide was founded in 1990. Founded as a direct result of new (open) borders between western and eastern European countries. It became a heavily served market for us what still belongs to one of our areas of expertise.

Forwarding, the right choice
The past 13 years we came to the deliberate conclusion that we want to be a forwarder. In other words, we do NOT own any transport modalities. We are a mediator in transport, a broker in logistics. We are independent and therefore we take knowledge of all logistic possibilities. We select the most logical alternative against a competitive rate.

In our time of global expansion a forwarder can only prove his right to exist by having disposition over a worldwide, efficient and controllable organization. Our challenge is to make this sales pitch into a reality. Therefore, since 1993 we build our worldwide network based on own offices in different time zones. Presently, All Go offices in Europe, Russia, USA and China are at your disposal. Each office builds and maintains its own logistics network. We are all connected to our international organization and function as hub for incoming and outgoing shipments.

Tracking and Tracing
Our clients follow their shipments on line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The tracking system on our website allows you to check the status of your shipments. This information is directly subtracted from our operational files and therefor always up to date.

Our head office in the Netherlands closes annual volume contracts with several shipping-lines. We combine our worldwide volumes and cover a part of it by these contracts. In such way we can enforce competitive rates for our clients. The remaining quantities we use for investigating the markets. Temporary market movements enable us to achieve interesting rates as well.

We offer full logistical concepts based on the needs of our clients. The employees of All Go Worldwide execute this. Important items in forwarding are knowledge, mentality and commitment. Every employee in this process is important. Our objective is globally the same, we want content customers. These results give us our right of existence.

Hans van der Schee